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Conveyor is a device for transportation of raw materials and massive logistics to certain spot at certain speed and may be consisting of sorting system interlocked with other various sorting devices.

In particular, conveyor may be used usefully for transporting materials in poor sanitation or heavy materials. Conveyors are associated with many various risk in its nature of device and one of them is high risk of fire occurrence. Conveyors continue to turn and generate friction and foreign substances accelerate this.

DAS temperature monitoring system provides real-time temperature monitoring along with long conveyors and prevent human and property damage caused by the fire.


  • Real-time temperature monitoring using DTS
  • Onsite visiting to examine the most effective and practical method of optical cable installation
  • With onsite analysis, zones of different environments can be configured as well as separate alarms
  • There are 3 kinds of alarm in order to avoid false alarms and generate precise and trustworthy alarm
  • The alarm signals will be sent to upper systems such as FMCS, DCS, DCIM

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