Heat Tracing

Heat tracing is a system for keeping certain temperature through distribution of heat lines instead of lagging materials to the facilities requiring to keep certain temperature or freeze protection such as piping or tank bottom.

It is very important to maintain temperature for chemicals, water supply and oil supply pipelines and it is very important to keep the temperature by using heal lines because Korea has clear four seasons having big differences in temperature.

In addition, as for the ground where the tank is located, it is important to make the ground not frozen because the tank may be much damaged if the ground is frozen in winter and subsidence and uplift happen irregularly. It is important to keep the temperature so that heat line with specific pattern is laid to cover the ground where the tank is placed.

Heat tracing system provided by Aptechinc is a system which traces automatically the changes in temperature by using optic cables and heat lines and keeps the temperature up to certain value 24 hours by automatically operating heat lines when it deviates from certain temperature and suspending operation of heat line automatically whenever it reaches up to certain temperature designated discretionally.