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In the blast furnace/sintering furnace/floating furnace in a steel mill, the internal temperature of the chemical reaction furnace rises to 1500 degrees Celsius or more, and the external surface temperature rises by 200 degree Celsius or more by layering insulation treatment with an insulating agent.

In a site where the temperature rises rapidly, the internal temperature is transferred to the outside due to cracks or abrasion of the internal refractory material and the inner skin of the insulation material during long operation, and the temperature of the outer wall rises, causing fire and failure.

AP Technologies’ solution predicts and prevents maintenance timing and risks by monitoring/analyzing the temperature of the outer wall in real time with an optical sensing cable.

Temperature range Up to 150~300 degree


  • Real-time temperature monitoring using DTS
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature changes and hot spots by monitoring the entire outer surface
  • Instant notification of status to users in real time
  • Send text messages to users by SMS
  • The alarm signals will be sent to upper systems such as SCADA, FMCS, DCS, DCI
  • 3D GUI as well as 3D temperature graph is provided


  • Sintering furnace surface/wear/crack monitoring
  • Floating furnace surface/wear/crack monitoring
  • Blast furnace surface/wear/crack monitoring

Pipeline for optical cable installation (different from the actual sites)

Installation of special optical sensor cable for high temperature (sample)

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