It is said that, unlike the past, the whole world is connected today.

Today, we can make real-time conversation face- to-face with the person on the other side of the Earth and this is because the world is connected by optic cable. In order to connect all of this sections physically, it is inevitable to pass the sea and submarine fiber-optic cable are laid in the sea.

However, astronomical amount of costs is incurred for the maintenance in its nature of location every year. In order to make a huge cut of those costs, Aptechinc suggests a DTS/DAS/RTTR submarine cable monitoring system. Submarine cables may be damaged arising out of the anchoring activities around the coasts and the laid cables may be damaged by the waves.

Upon occurrence of that damage, it is difficult to identify the exact location and the large volume of cables are to be repaired entirely.

If you use Aptechinc’s submarine cable monitoring system, you can identify the location with 0.5m accuracy at the most. In addition, it is important to print out at the most within tolerance band of load for the higher efficiency and, if you use RTTR, the tolerance band can be accurately known and higher efficiency may be acquired.