Wind Farm

As the problem of environmental pollution continues to emerge, the world is committed to developing eco-friendly alternative energy resources.

Wind power generation plays a role of converting kinetic energy of convective phenomenon into electric energy available to us by using ceaseless convective phenomenon of the earth.

Energy conversion efficiency are relatively good and it can be said that wind power generation is a way of great alternative energy generation to the extent that the environmental condition is satisfied.

However, wind power generation has drawbacks: the maintenance is not easy because its facility is constructed at very high place and its structure is huge; in particular, gigantic propeller continues to produce frictions and there is a great risk of fire. The costs for letting toxic gas caused by the fire away and repair are expensive and there are also a lot of damaged and neglected turbines.

The fire can be efficiently prevented if Aptechinc’s DTS temperature detection system is installed so that the real-time monitoring of changes in temperature is available in order to prevent this fire.