Create result satisfying the customers with leading technology, passion and quality in sensor field using optical fiber.


Leading the Way with Passion

Global Leading Comapny

AP Tech promises to move forward with the leading technology and passion using optical fiber sensing which was unexplored field


12. “Commercialization of New Technology” awarded from minister of Trade and Industry.
09. “System for predicting wear condition of insulation material of double insulation pipeline” patent achieved.


06. “A system that can detect the inflow of fluid using an optical cable” patent achieved.


04. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Certified, NeT (new technology certification) (No. 0819) ‘Remote control technology of temperature sensing object using heating cable and optical fiber’.


03. KS Q ISO 001:209 / ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certification.


06. Transferred to the place of business and Authorization of Research Institute.


04. Establishment of Affiliated Research Institute (KOITA Korea Industrial Technology Association).
03. Development and Manufacture of DTS(Distributed Temperature Sensing) system and Business registration.
03. Corporation Establishment.
03. Transfer of business.


03. Certification of Venture Company. (KIBO Technology Assurance Fund)


11. Contract Partner agreement with AP Sensing in Germany.
11. Contract Partner agreement with LS CABLE.
10. Independent from Agilent DTS division.
10. AP Technologies Co.
10. Software Development, Temperature Managing System.and Business Register.