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IR Temp sensor

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It is possible to detect temperature quickly, safely and precisely by using measurement distance and diameter of the measurement point in heat and a danger zone where non-contact type can not be directly contacted.
Also, the measured temperature can be monitored externally by using the indicator (directive) to output relay contact or 4-20mA directly or by configuring communication such as RS232 / 485.


  • The temperature measurement system is compact. Infrared temperature is measured by the non-contact method and transferred to NPI-instruction (4-20mA & TC-K type). Then, it indicates the value through the display device and transfers data to the PLC or other device using the contact control and communication port, or controls other devices.
  • NPI is designed to accurately and repetitively measure the amount of heat energy emitted from an object and can convert measured values into electrical signals. There are two types of wiring: 2-Wire (3-Wire with shielded cable) or 5-Wire (Tc-K type), and includes 1M or 5M cable wire and two mounting nuts. If the wiring is sensitive to noise, or if long cable runs are required, the output can be used at 4-20mA. Electrical protection is shielded by NEMA4’s sturdy stainless steel.
  • The NPI directive product is a multi-input type digital indicator with high performance A/D converter and micro-processor. Input specification can accept one of input signals such as Tc-K type, DC (4-20mA). If the signal of entry specification changes in the field, then select one of the above messages. It receives the input signal and displays it with RED color 5 digits FND.

* Note (Unit: mm)
The bottom 300/600/900/1200 is the distance along the diameter of the point being measured.

* Term
Optical resolution is the relationship between the distance of the sensor and the measured object versus the area measured by the various D: S ratio (Distance: Spot size) of the sensors. (i.e., if the D:S ratio is 10: 1, the measured diameter will be 10 mm when the installation distance is 100 mm)

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