Oil Pipeline

Pipe lines are used for short or long distance transportation of various kinds of substances.

The kinds of substances transported through pipe lines are very various including water, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Oil pipelines are the ones for transportation of oil and are mainly operated for long-distance operation. However, the monitoring of the entire of those lines is difficult in practice because they are operated for long-distance transportation.

In particular, the monitoring of stolen oil is more difficult. DAS linear sound wave monitoring system suggested by Aptechinc can detect all the vibration generated from the surroundings of sensor cables, the part subject to monitoring and can identify the kinds and location of vibration (human walk, excavation, automobile, excavator, and shoveling) with connection to big data which has been already accumulated. Application to DAS linear sound wave monitoring system to oil pipelines may prevent any damage caused by nearby unauthorized construction work and make a real-time monitoring on oil theft.