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Rail road monitoring is available along with train monitoring.

In train rails, there are factors highly threatening the progress of trains including falling rock and rail break. The condition on the rails can be checked in real-time along with real-time location identification and can be much helpful in preventing accidents. The rail roads are dangerous section even in daily lives not accessible to the people and are always subject to monitoring.

However, there is a burden that people must check them with CCTV. If DAS vibration detection system is used, even the location and direction where invader or worker walks can be identified, which may play a big role in configuring a monitoring system.


  • Technologiy that utilize the principle of DAS(Distributed Acoustic Sensing)
  • Using a phenomenon that is distorted by a specific waveform and surrounding vibrations
  • Rail condition monitoring
  • Prevents major accidents in the event of rail problems
  • Surveillance system necessary for railroad
  • Possible to monitor the external environment around the track
  • Track condition monitoring with various graphs

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