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TPI (Third Party Intrusion)

Leading the Way with Passion

The human resource and capital to be consumed for monitoring are huge and it is the very DAS invasion monitoring system suggested by Aptechinc that drastically cuts them.

The fields which may be monitored by DAS invasion monitoring system are railroad line monitoring, fence monitoring, unauthorized coast line invasion monitoring and truce line monitoring. The movements generated at surroundings of sensor cables including people’s walk, run, jump and movement of ships at the sea can be classified and detected so that any invasion made at unspecified time at off limits or the places the access to which is limited to designated people and time. The number of human resources assigned to the borderlines along with CCTV may be drastically decreased.


  • Technologiy that utilize the principle of DAS(Distributed Acoustic Sensing)
  • Using a phenomenon that is distorted by a specific waveform and surrounding vibrations
  • Intrusion monitoring at the monitoring point
  • Collects data in software and detects in real time around the clock
  • Possible to monitor the external environment around the track
  • Track condition monitoring with various graphs

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