STAS is an integrated program dedicated to temperature monitoring

Our products have been developed in the cutting-edge development environment and secure the best stability and performance.
DTS(DISTRIBUTED TEMPERATURE SENSOR)/contact type sensor (Connect Temp Sensor)/un-contact type sensor (IR Temp Sensor)/ (Thermal imaging camera)
This is a program which can manage integrated operation of various sensors measuring temperature and carry out data analysis.

In addition, this program is equipped with the best compatibility and support for MODBUS and OPC protocol which may be interlocked with all the host systems used in Korea. This program not only provides interface which recognizes graphic designed in 3D and make inquiries in various fields but also collect large volume of temperature data after collecting temperature data in 0.5 M minimum unit so that: all the section of facilities are expressed om graph by time, days and months; time based history is provided; thermal image screen and real-life screen are stored by interlocking thermal image camera and real-life camera; and function analyzing degradation process is provided.

The function controlling PLC and other controlling devices in order to keep and maintain the temperature through heating control and HVAptechinc control of facilities based on measured data.

Characteristics of S/W

  • Application of DTS(DISTRIBUTED TEMPERATURE SENSOR) is available
  • Application of Connect Temp Sensor is available
  • Application of IR Temp Sensor is available
  • Application of Thermal imaging camera is available
  • Support various protocols (MODBUS·SCADA,IEC 61850,DCS )
  • RTTR (Real Time Thermal Rating) or DCR (Dynamic Cable Rating)
  • GUI interface
  • Data analysis tool

Application field

  • Transmission cable temperature monitoring system
  • BUSDUCT temperature monitoring system
  • Power tray temperature monitoring system
  • GAS/OIL TANK temperature monitoring system
  • GAS/OIL PIPE LEAKAGE temperature monitoring system
  • Conveyor belt temperature monitoring system
  • Outer wall temperature monitoring system
  • Ventilation duct temperature monitoring system
Setting and configuration
– Sets dramatic increase alarm
– Sets maximum alarm
– Sets comparing alarm
– Sets alarm temperature by months and seasons
– Sets temperature measurement cycle and distance
– Sets condition on occurrence of alarm
Monitoring function
– Function of system condition monitoring
– 3D monitoring screen
– Thermal image real-time screen
– Checks the cable temperature of optic sensor
– Indicates site facility drawing temperature by 0.5~1 M unit
– Function of checking temperature alarm location
– Automatic check of HOT. COLD SPOT
– Occurrence and management of alarm
– Function of intensive monitoring of major spots
Control function
– Controls PLC
– Controls Healthing system
– Controls fan
– Controls interlock with other alarming devices
Analysis function
– Analyzes DATA·GRAPH by channels
– Analyzes DATA·GRAPH by locations
– Analyzes DATA·GRAPH
– Compares and analyzes facility distance and time
– Has function of report preparation and 3D chart