There are various kinds of tanks at industrial sites.

In particular, LNG base stores massive natural gas and the gas may cause huge disaster upon occurrence of accident in the nature of natural gas and the storage process and maintenance method are very complicating. In order to secure convenience and efficiency of transportation and storage, natural gas are to be kept in liquid form and, in such event, the temperature drops to minus 106 degrees centigrade. This extremely low temperature may lay a overburden on the storage tank and a tiny change may cause a huge danger, which requires careful monitoring. (including cool-down monitoring, tank aging monitoring and tank leakage monitoring)

Flammable material storage tanks as well as LNG tank are also distributed in various in various industrial sites. Likewise, careful monitoring on flammable liquid storage tank is also necessary and real-time leakage may be monitored when Aptechinc’s DTS temperature monitoring system.