Subways and trains are indispensable transportation means in this modern society.

This is because the people heavily depend on them and the people are much interested in them. In each station, the location of trains are shown for convenience and efficiency but just inform the fact that the trains are stopped each station or goes by between the stations rather than the exact location of them. In addition, as for KTS, what is used for identifying real-time location is the method of calculation using the speed of trains.

DAS train detection system using vibration detection suggested by Aptechinc can inform the details of the exact spot of place where the train is located through GUI,

DAS acoustic vibration monitoring system suggested by Aptechinc can detect various details of vibration generated around the sensor cables, a part detected and make them alarmed.

The details and distance of various vibrations may be identified by using big data which has been already owned and which location is and what kind of thing happens may be identified while utilizing them.