Warehouse/Parking Garage

The demand of massive warehouse, logistics warehouse and parking lots which is indispensable in modern society is increasing.

The number of vehicles are increasing every year and the accommodations for them must continue to be constructed. As these accommodations increase, the safety of them also receives attention naturally.

As for logistics warehouses or parking lots, when the fire occurs due to their inevitable closeness, it is necessary for prompt measures and evacuation and this is the reason why fire monitoring system is very important.

Compared to other spot-type sensor detecting system, DTS liner temperature monitoring system using optic cables have infinitely many sensor spots. It is very DTS fire detection system suggested by Aptechinc that has advantage of closely monitoring on more sections by using those spots. Interlocked with CCTV alarm system, DTS fire detection system may be much supportive in preventing the fire and identifying the details of fire.